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Model VRO 12-6-6

· Stroke length (inches) 2.0
· Pneumatic requirements: 80 PSI.
· Support roller diameter (inches) 4.0
· Pressure support roller (inches) 2-12.0
· Silicone roller diameter (inches) 6.0-8.0
· Stamping roller width (inches) 1.0-12.0
· Adjustable height nip point (inches) 0-6.0
· Electrical requirements: 240 VAC single phase.
· Approximate size (inches) 36 x 30 x 66  weight:950 lbs.
· Speed synchronized with extrusion: min 4'/min. Max to 70'/min.

Operating Features

· (Variable speed) DC drive, over-ride clutch.
· (Roll-leaf advance) with adjustable height, jog, tension, auto rewind driven.
· (Positioning unwind) for standard 1" or 3" cores.
· (Quick change over) for heated roller.
· (Solid state digital) temperature controller with non-contact thermocouple.
· (Control panel) with easy access for operator, bright led display with soft touch set-points
in temperature controller, run, roller controls, "E stop" disconnect.
· (Maintained safety) air cooling on heater roller system.
· (Radiant type) ceramic heat in stainless steel housing.
· (Construction) steel frame weldment, 4 post  section with aluminum upright, leveling pads, and all necessary guarding.

Other Options Available

Vansco Inc., reserves the rights to change specifications , designs, materials, discontinue certain models, and any other
components without notice or obligation. By doing so, we continue to provide quality in practical production ready equipment, along with service and price.

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