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Machine Options For Vansco Vertical Press

· Stroke length of ram.
· Auto-locking dovetail.
· Larger heating head with dovetails.
· Mechanical feed for roll-leaf.
· Wider leaf feeds and pulling directions.
· 240 VAC single or three phase (based on machine).
· Other adjustable shut heights, and custom frame opening.
· Welded steel stand (special sizes available).
· Peripheral stamping/roll-on operations.
· Air mechanical/electrically driven slide tables.
· Dial tables, and positioning tables.
· Automatic run cycling.
· Electronic totalizing counter.
· Ejection systems for parts, automation, bowl feeders, and parts placement.
· Heat transfer system with fiber optic registration.
· Fixture and custom tooling.
· Additional safety guarding (electronic or complete rigid enclosures).
· Complete turn-key set-up with dies, type etc.
· Custom designed machines.
· Stand alone in-line stations.
· Easy to use manual set-ups.

Vansco Inc., reserves the rights to change specifications , designs, materials, discontinue certain models, and any other
components without notice or obligation. By doing so, we continue to provide quality in practical production ready equipment, along with service and price.

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