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Vansco expertly repairs and rebuilds older hot stamping machinery. We supply parts such as leaf feed components,
various size heating elements, new or repaired air cylinders, electrical components,
mechanical parts and systems used on hot stamping equipment.

Typical refurbishing work includes: complete degreasing for inspection of all parts and frame, repainting of machine if needed.
Defective parts are evaluated for replacement or  re-machining. New components such as air cylinders, valves,
and controls are installed. Complete electrical and pneumatic systems are reworked for safe effective operation.
Stamping surfaces are re-indicated for uniform, crisp impressions. 

Further, standard point of operation conditions are evaluated for safe equipment operation.
Guarding assemblies are installed or repaired as well, and the equipment is fully tested and adjusted.
It is then prepared for shipping so that it can be scheduled back into production at your location.
Work includes manufacturers limited warranties.

Repairs and Refurbishing Pictures

Vansco Inc., reserves the rights to change specifications , designs, materials, discontinue certain models, and any other
components without notice or obligation. By doing so, we continue to provide quality in practical production ready equipment, along with service and price.

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