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Vansco Model M-1200
Automatic Badge Ribbon Hot Stamping Machine

· Ribbon pull 0" to 13"
· Roll leaf pull 0" to 13"
· Hand slide stamping bed.
· Automatic  rewind for leaf.
· Pneumatic cut off with tray
· Solid state heat controller
· Motor 1HP, DC variable speed
· Flip over chase 3" x 11" inside dimension
· Capacity 12 tons pressure 4" x 12" heater head
· Maximum ribbon width 3" guides supplied for three widths
· Variable speed approximately 35 to 100 imprints per minute
· Electrics 220 volts 3 phase 60 cycle unless otherwise specified

A roll of ribbon unwinds from the right side of the press, goes through guides, over a stamping bed and through a pair
of feed rollers. Roll leaf is run from the left side over the ribbon and through a pair of feed rollers.

With each stroke of the ram both ribbon and roll leaf are fed. The imprint is made and the ribbon advances
through a pair of pinking blades, and is cut off in the required length for the desired register position to the imprint.
The used roll leaf advances enough to clear the imprint. After passing through the feed rollers it is rewound onto a shaft.
The length of ribbon and roll leaf pull are independently adjustable. The cut off position of the ribbon is adjustable
to allow the imprint to be in the desired position on the ribbon.

The stamping bed slides forward allowing make-ready to be done out from under the stamping head.
The head is equipped with a chase that slides out and can be flipped over allowing the dies to be changed
on the machine without completely removing the chase. The press is motor driven and requires compressed
air to operate the clutch knife and cut off.

Vansco Inc., reserves the rights to change specifications , designs, materials, discontinue certain models, and any other
components without notice or obligation. By doing so, we continue to provide quality in practical production ready equipment, along with service and price.

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